ICON Coin – Crypto currency connects communities

ICON Coin – At the same time as the blockchain technology, the decentralisation of payments and transactions was also introduced, so that a more critical view of current social, political and economic systems as well as established banking systems is currently being taken. In particular, the rapid improvement of blockchain technology leads to constant growth stimuli in the market.

ICON Coin – What is this crypto currency?

In addition, the technology is currently characterized by quite complicated usage and low service quality, but growth opportunities should be regarded as the most important advantage.basically, many crypto projects focus on the decentralization methodology and do not show approaches for mass adoption of the market, resulting in limitations in the design of the core business. The ICON network is designed to overcome these fundamental problems and help the community develop hyperconnectivity.

ICON Coin – What is this crypto currency?

The ICON Coin is intended to redefine the meaning of the community by focusing on decentralization. The developers’ goal is to improve the world by connecting these communities and using their skills. Today, communities are defined in particular by their political and social functions. With the help of the coin, this basis for definition is to be overcome and a separation from existing economic framework conditions is also to be achieved. Here IC.ON is not only related to the real world, but also to the cryptoscene, so that the development of a boundless network with almost infinite scalability is accelerated.

About the Coin

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The aim of the project is to develop a decentralized network that enables communication of independent block chains without the need for an intermediary. Every user has the possibility to create his own blockchain project and then become part of the network. In addition, the connection to other networks is also allowed and even desired, so that a blockchain multiverse can form. IC.ON is therefore not only an ecosystem, but also an organism that will grow through future users.

ICON Coin – Who is responsible for development?

The idea behind the crypto currency is based on the statements of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, who said that the world has no central point, but rather is to be interpreted as a connection of many different points. The actual development of the project is based on the cooperation of two companies. These are TheLoop and DaVinCi. The main task of TheLoop is to avoid technical complications when operating the blockchain, while DaVinCi is responsible for the development of artificial intelligence. This will be used in particular to support the market price.

What are the basic components of the coin?
The project not only establishes a connection between the blockchain nodes, but also investigates the intrinsic connection within the various communities. The first step of the project was to develop a protocol or a crypto currency that could be used to generate added value for communities in the real world. There were three basic assumptions that the developers made when designing the blockchain:

The components of the network
Connecting the different blockchains and nodes to the network
The operationalization of the network.
The components of the network are the participants. The community was identified as the basis for this. According to the developers, the community is a network consisting of different nodes with an identical system. Financial institutions, governments, schools, e-commerce platforms or crypto currencies are cited as examples. Each community has a different user base and different numbers of nodes. The most important part of the network are the community or C-nodes. These form the basis of the community and ensure consensus within the network. C-Nodes can be private or institutional users.