What are the differences between Siacoin Mining and Bitcoin Mining?

The biggest difference in mining the two crypto currencies is the algorithm they use. Siacoin uses the blake2b algorithm to hash its blocks. This can only be solved with graphics cards. In contrast to Bitcoin Mining, where only the ASIC processors can be used.

Another difference is the difficulty of the mining. Bitcoin now places such high demands on the hardware that a normal person can hardly afford to participate in mining. With Siacoin the difficulty is not yet so high and one does not have to invest so much to be able to earn something from the mining.

What you have to keep in mind, however, is that Siacoin is not yet available for exchange at many exchanges. Bitcoins are much easier to exchange for Euro. With the Siacoin this is even more complicated.

Siacoin Mining – Solo Mining, Pool Mining or Ethereum code?

In solo mining you try to find the right hash on your own. If you are successful, the Ethereum code belongs to you alone. However, you need a very high hash power to find the right hash by chance. For most miners, mining profitability alone is not high enough to recoup the cost of purchase and electricity.

They therefore prefer to join together to form a Siacoin Mining Pool. Here they combine their hash power, which increases the probability that they can successfully mine a new block. The mining pool then also regulates the distribution of the dug coins. However, you should make sure that the pool provider is also trustworthy.

Cloud mining does not require any hardware at all. Instead, you pay fees to a mining provider. This gives you the mined coins for it. Cloud mining is a way to get coins without having to obtain a mining rig yourself or exchange the crypto currency on the Exchanges.

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Siacoin offers a cloud market on a blockchain basis and thus a promising crypto currency. Siacoin mining can also be worthwhile. Mining is primarily carried out via the graphics cards. For most people, a mining pool is an option in order to really earn something from it.

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